Ecole supérieur de Gestion et Commerce International

ESGCI is a business school which issues level 6 (Bac + 3) and 7 (Bac + 5) titles recognized by the State. “Who has never dreamed of giving the best of themselves? Very often, and despite one’s efforts, it is impossible to do while being alone. One needs the intervention of a third party who advises, shows the possible options, helps in making the right choices. This is what ESGCI offers its students: to become the best version of themselves, to reach their full potential and, thus, to find their way.Students flourish in a benevolent and open environment, far from the stereotypes of generalist and formatted business schools. The diversity of profiles is rich, and every person can develop and assert singularity. The means for success and achievement are offered with attentive teachers, specialization from the 1st year, dynamic associative fabric, possibilities to go abroad each year, free support courses, professional projects with real companies, network of 6,000 alumni with multiple experiences.