Instituto Politecnico de Lisboa


Lisbon is Portugal’s hilly, coastal capital city. From the imposing São Jorge Castle, the view encompasses the old city’s pastel-coloured buildings, Tagus Estuary and the 25 de Abril suspension bridge. The capital of Portugal is an amazing city with a unique light that has been immortalized by Great names of literature, arts or the movie industry. Known as a city of navigators and discoverers, the river has been, for almost a millennium, its greatest driver, also representing its open door to the world. Built upon 7 hills, it balances the old flavours and smells with new neighbourhoods, translating rich and vast heritage into theatres, cafés or shops, where both ancient and modernity come together.


Based in Lisbon, the Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa – IPL comprises six schools (Education, Communication and Information Sciences, Theatre and Cinema, Dance, Music, Health Technologies) and two further institutes (Accounting and Administration, and Engineering). This combination enables the Lisbon Polytechnic to provide for a wide range of knowledge and skills which, together with the relative size of its student body and its teaching and non-teaching staff, ranks it among the leading higher education institutions in Portugal. 

The Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa offers graduate (36 bachelor programmes) and master’s courses (49) of a high standard in cultural, scientific, technological and professional fields, as well as collaboration with the Universidade de Lisboa (Lisbon University) in PhD studies. It contributes to national and international cooperation by participating in scientific and applied research projects, providing community services and promoting cultural, scientific and technical exchanges with similar national and international institutions. With over 14000 students currently attending its courses and over 1100 teachers, the Lisbon Polytechnic retains a prominent place in Portuguese higher education.

ESCS – School of Communication and Media Studies, created in 1987, is a long standing, prestigious teaching and research institution that focuses on media and communication in Portugal, situated on the Benfica campus of IPL. The education provided by ESCS is supported by science and innovation, blending conceptual aspects with applied technology in response to market trends. Teaching at ESCS incorporates both theoretical and practical components, offering students direct contact with professional reality through involvement in partnerships with public and private organizations. ESCS emphasizes the importance of providing access to conditions and equipment identical to those in the labour market, facilitating the smooth and efficient integration of students into the professional arena. 

The School of Communication and Media Studies is linked to a vast network of international partners and is involved in the exchange of students, teaching and non-teaching staff. Being permanently open to society, the school is able to establish agreements with entities in the area of media and communication, thereby assisting graduates to build networks and more easily enter the professional market. The success of School of Communication and Media Studies’ students and graduates is clearly recognized as they enter into the market, along with their achievements in winning national and international awards in a variety of areas within the media and communication field.