Who we are

This project is a Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership (KA2) that brings together 5 European Higher Education Institutes from:

  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands (NL)
  • Barcelona, Spain (ES)
  • Lisbon, Portugal (PT)
  • Paris, France (FR)
  • Vienna, Austria (AT)

AMSTERDAM – Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB) & Center of Expertise Urban Governance and Social Innovation – Amsterdam university of Applied Sciences

Focus: Urban studies including city development, city brand, places images and reputation, Europe and the European city.

Our expertise for the IMAGE project: Interdisciplinary field of the so-called ‘sciences of ideas’, which includes the study and research of ideas and practices in contemporary cities. From here we have been specializing ourselves in the city as a unit of research taking into account the study of the ideas that concentrate in cities as a ‘place of places’. Mapping Imaginaries connects the study of places’ reputations, prospective in cities and how they get represented by alternative economies and models. We have a special focus on student life and the role of universities in cities and explore and experiment in practices of concepts such as creativity and city making. We have also created templates for observation, tools for netnography, etc. which we contribute. 

BARCELONA – Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations – Ramon Llull University 

Focus: Public Affairs, Strategic Communication and Place Branding

Our expertise for the IMAGE project: Our project involvement is to bring a better way to make the cities a place for experiences, where stories happen. Our students’ best competences are to conceptualise icons, places and people and to empower them with the best tools of communication. 

LISBON – School of Communication and Media Studies –  Lisbon Polytechnic Institute

Focus: Communication management towards value creation. It is deeply connected to a vision of practice, essentially considering the development of communication plans to fulfill real needs and challenges offered by a wide range of organizations/clients/objects. These processes integrate research and assessment of specific environments and the consequent definition of goals and tactics that can respond to the identified needs, therefore, creating added value and benefits within several spheres of action. 

Our expertise for the IMAGE project: Concerning international collaboration projects, our experience has enabled us to integrate learnings and to explore new skills with the students, leading and guiding them to experiment new visions and knowledge which are relevant for their development both as future professionals and active and aware citizens. Specifically, within the IMAGE project, we also intend for them to be able to explore new concepts and ideas – so that they can extend their thought and perception of places and imaginaries as a relevant added value to their experience – and to expand their abilities to work in a multicultural and international environment.

PARIS – École Supérieur de Gestion et Commerce International 

Focus: Marketing and international relations As we live in a globalized world and economy, fewer people only work and live in their own countries. Our students learn the skills to work in a multicultural context. 

Our expertise for the IMAGE project: Through our courses, students learn management disciplines based on a multicultural, interdisciplinary and open approach to the major challenges of tomorrow’s world. Our programmes provide tomorrow’s leaders with broad knowledge to help them go beyond the technical approach or exclusively economic purpose of businesses, providing a solid grasp of the economy, politics, societal, and environmental issues. Students appreciate hands-on experience through consultancy projects here they have the opportunity to consult for real companies and organisations and expand their international work experience. 

VIENNA – University of Applied Science BFI Vienna 

Focus: Management of international and virtual projects 

Our expertise for the IMAGE project: Selecting the right design and approach for this highly interdisciplinary project developed by a team consisting of students from different countries and study programmes working together virtually (or a combination of virtual collaboration and in-person meetings). We have a long history of coaching student teams from the project kickoff to the delivery of the final project output. This includes a variety of topics to be covered starting from requirements engineering, detailed planning of scheduling and resources, assuring a high level of stakeholder engagement and identifying and managing proactively the main risks which could occur. For the IMAGE intercity groups it is essential to focus on team and trust building activities in the project start, visualize benefits of collaboration and assure a constant flow of information.