Mapping the cities is a multilayer activity that can be developed in so many ways and using different tools. One of the intellectual Outputs of the project is the toolkit.

Here are som tools we used during the project:


QuizeRo is a location-based scavenger hunt, players solve the given tasks and embark on an exciting journey in any given area. Only if the tasks are solved correctly, the next tasks can be found and the quest completed.

It was initially developed in 2012 using QR codes by a team from Vienna to engage people new to a city area and impart knowledge in a fun way!

Within the IMAGE project a student team developed an App for the city area St. Marx using the GPS location of the smartphone of the participants.

To play, you only need a smartphone a map application using GPS signals and the QuizeRo App which is included in the platform Actionbound (available on iOS and Android shops).

The IMAGE lecturers were Beta users during the teacher training (March 2022) and were guided by the students who developed the App