The ongoing renovation process in Amsterdam, Lisbon and Barcelona

by Carla Martín, Eric Esparza, Joan Senyer, Marcel Kotthaus, Maria Sáenz, Gordon Declercq, Maryam Achahbar, Maysam Alshbbak, Ria Gloria Colic,  Glody Luruma, David Charneca, Inês Silva, Joana André, Mafalda Ferreira, Nuno Craveiro.


The church of San Agustín in Barcelona is a meeting place for various communities such as the Filipino, the Paraguayan, the Bolivian and natives.The church of San Agustín is formed of two parishes that participate in various social initiatives. They collaborate with the 

missionaries of the Sister Calcuta, helping with the soup kitchen, they support NGOs like “Manos unidas” to distribute food to the needed ones and they help immigrants with legal paperwork and to find a job. All these services, social actions and initiatives embody some of Raval’s most essential values, such as social cohesion, solidarity or cultural diversity.

Amsterdam 2 anchor points are Anton de Komplein and the Nelson Mandela Park all based in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. This neighbourhood in Amsterdam has had a bad name in the past, but is nowadays changing it’s reputation. The two anchor points all represent history, diversity and entertainment. 

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Padre Cruz Neighborhood in Lisbon is mostly recognized for the strong presence of the urban art and multiculturalism, being these the essential anchor points. The neighborhood has been undergoing a major transformation in the past few years to become a better place for its residents and visitors and it has been also changing its “appearance” to give entry to more initiatives, in order to try to fulfil the desire to become “the largest public art gallery in Europe”. 

“Isa Silva” – Art on a garbage container in Padre Cruz Neighbourhood 

Foto © CML | DMC | DPC | José Vicente 2016 Retrieved from:

Pointing out the intercity links we conclude that all these neighbourhoods enhance the existent cultural diversity. Finally, we will also make a conclusion regarding their ingoing renovating process.

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