Teaching Case

The IMAGE Case is still under development and constant revision. The final version will be published on February 2023.

Until then, we are glad to share the first lines of the note to the reader of the case:

In the following pages we are glad to introduce you to the case IMAGE Researching the City Mapping Imaginaries. The case has been written in cooperation with a broad array of partners in our cities and has been made possible thanks to the extra support of the European Strategic Partnership programme Erasmus+. We can say that we found each other in the aim to contribute to better visualize and connect our cities, with a more up to date view, understanding them in their more current dynamics as what we like to describe, according to some inspiring literature on the matter, as polyphonic and polycentric (See a.o.: Scott, 2015).

The trigger for this was mainly born from the increasing awareness that our look at cities’ reputations (and at the reputations of areas within cities) could use more diverse enlargement and lighting. Without denying the relevance of by now referential iconic places, there is a need to go beyond the already established and towards a new positioning for cities to capture a broader and more substantiated city map– a map that contributes to seeing beyond the obvious towards the less generally known.”