Teacher training

The first Teacher Training course took place online in January 2021 due to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. The training brought together different lecturers and invited guests to share their knowledge and lessons learned from research previously conducted and offered different experiences from the field. 

The online modus offered opportunities to be creative with the programme. For example, a different partner university hosted each training day which made it possible for more experts to contribute. The training days were organised on non-consecutive days which gave more time to digest knowledge and to recover from the online presence. Interesting external guest speakers were more readily available to offer a lecture online than would have been possible live. Last but not least, more lecturers could attend as the online programme offered flexibility to attend parts of training.

During 3 days, more than 25 participants were able to discuss and define the next steps for launching the project during Pilot 1 in each one of the five institutions involved, attracting students and consolidating knowledge. 

The second Teaching Training course took place in Vienna in March 2022, bringing together different lecturers, teachers, and invited guests to share their knowledge and lessons learned from Pilots 1 and 2. After that different materials were created as Teacher Training Materials.

For this training, Covid madeus shift the agenda again. We had an initial online session in preparation for the training in January 2022 (the originally planned date). This worked well to give the participants time to prepare for the live training. A great advantage was now that on 3 consecutive days in Vienna, we could also connect socially and explore the city and specifically St Marx area in Vienna.