Squares and places to enjoy in Lisbon and Barcelona

by Max Salvadó,Astrid Carbonell, Pau Baquero, Juan Andrés Ibáñez, Mireia Julián, Alejandra Querol, Lara Baptista, Catarina Formiga, , Duarte Amaro, , Margarida Bernardo, Sara Bernardo.

In the Square of Light we can find a garden in the central area and some important buildings, such as the military school, a church, a Franciscan Seminary. There isn’t a lot of movement, but during the month of the fair of the Light it changes. You can find some tranquility in the garden and usually older people playing card games, but there’s room for all ages. 

It’s different to the ‘Plaça dels Angels’ of Barcelona, because in the Square of Light the environment is more familiar and in the square of Barcelona there are a lot of skaters and young people from different cultures, and in normal times there are a lot of tourists too.

In ‘Plaça dels Angels’ we can find ‘convent Dels Angels’ chapel from the 15th century, Peu de la Creu, only renaissance chapel in Barcelona. It was constructed from 1568 to 1569 and the structure was designed in 1980.

Skaters are present in large numbers, even in the hottest days of summer, with attractive performances. Surrounding residential buildings and in-between open space are enriched with murals, spontaneous graffiti and urban art.

One of the most iconic places in Carnide is the military school. It represents a part of the education system and shows it has been considered important for a long time, since it was built in 1803. We identified this as an anchor point with Blanquerna University in ‘El Raval’. Both institutions are very different but they share the same topic: education in a similar neighborhood.

The Rambla del Raval is located at the epicenter of the Raval district. It is a meeting point where interculturality and communication between communities are promoted.

It is a very social boulevard as it has a park for kids, has a very relevant sculpture “Gato Botero” and there is great gastronomic diversity.

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