Raval Cultural

Raval Cultural was born in June 2013 with the aim of promoting and asserting the great cultural and heritage richness that exists in the neighborhood of Raval and in order to identify the image of the neighborhood with what it really encompasses, enhance the joint and transversal action in the cultural field and strengthen the link between the residents of Raval and culture. The achievement of these objectives has been raised through three fields: to promote cultural action and activities, to encourage urban actions around the facilities and to promote and jointly communicate the programs.

A project that puts culture as the center, and that also tries to give importance to the initiatives of the residents of the Raval that come from different cultural contexts (multiculturalism).

Likewise, the Raval and the Raval Cultural project can serve as an engine and cultural impetus for other districts in the district that have a less wide cultural offer.

In 2016, a reflection was made on this project and the objectives and lines of work of Raval Cultural were reoriented. It went from a project that wants to communicate and create a network between large and small facilities to a project that wants to bring to light the multiple cultural expressions of the territory and co-produce culture.

The counselor takes stock of the first steps of the initiative. “Interest in visiting the neighborhood has grown, because the Temps Raval routes are very successful. And in the neighborhood, the pride of belonging to the Raval is increasing. We want to attract other types of visitors, more interested in cinema, painting or music. This will have a positive impact on the quality of life of the residents”, says Homs.

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