Final Congress Pilot 3

At this Final Congress for Pilot 3 our student colleagues working in intercity teams presented the final mapping proposals for this edition alongside the voices of partners and experts. The insights shared aimed to contribute to a more polycentric and polyphonic mapping of our cities.

We are motivated by our role as agents of change. After all, it is also in the so-called peripheral areas that many of our institutions have found a place to build our venues and campuses. There are many reasons for these developments, but it is also important to remember the explicit desire of our institutions to contribute to a more varied and prosperous city. Being students, faculty and partners in cities means being agents in these processes as well.

Programme: Final Congress Programme_AMS_FullVersionS

One of the students was generous enough to provide extensive feedback on the Pilot as part of an Expert Committee which we asked for feedback on our project as a whole. Also part of the Committee was a lecturer (not involved in the project) and partners like a journalist and an architect.

We would like to share the following quote from the feedback of student Neo Galceran Alastruey:

“The aim of the Image Project is pure. It connects us students to the real world through the difficulties that all the cities we live in all cope with. However, being an observer…is never enough.

I thoroughly encourage future students involved in the Image in the following years to truly aim to change the world we live in. To leave a better world for the generations ahead. A multicultural world of equal opportunities, safety, and technological progress.”