Midterm Conference

Having gathered research on each city and shared the initial findings among the intercity teams, the students had to find some inspiring connection points or links between the study areas in their home cities.

Using 2-3 identified anchor points per city area they prepared a virtual ”walk,” taking participants on a tour of the anchor points in all city areas in each team. This walk is seen not only as a feasible activity but as a metaphor for connecting places on our mental maps.  The fact that we had to share the walks remotely made this metaphor even more obvious. 

The Midterm Conference in Pilot 2, hosted by Barcelona Team, on November 18th and 19th 2021, was a moment to share these walks among the project members for reflection by using different contents to bring those to light, like using Google Earth, slides, or other visual aids.

You can access the programme from the following link:

MidTerm Programme_BCN_v2

This is an example of a walk done by an intercity group of students:

IMAGE_IC2_outputSprint2_2021 (1)