Pilot 1

The official launch of Pilot 1 of the IMAGE project in February 2021, involved more than 200 students from the five participant cities – Amsterdam, Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris, and Vienna. All teaching was changed to a virtual way of working, with online sessions and online activities”.  The structure of a Launch Event, a Mid-Term Conference in April, and a Final Congress in June were tried out…

Challenging the students to work together and bridging their research about the peripheries in each of their home cities, has brought to light different anchor points that actually connect each territory, representing relevant findings and insights on how to (re)map these specific places. This included potential forms of transformation, inspiration, and different perspectives, linking from day one the concepts like polyphony, polycentrism or imaginaries (for explanation see <LINK to Calibration Document> on this website. 

Places, sounds, smells or senses were explored, resulting in enriching and complementary presentations from the intercity groups that were formed within the project.


Pilot 1 – Spring 2021 – four cities

Students – 207 total

Amsterdam 52, Barcelona 88, Lisbon 62, Vienna 5

Pilot 1 – 13 – intercity groups (only together during the presentation phase)

Teaching staff – 19

Amsterdam – 5 – Nuria Arbones, Simeona Petkova, Jeroen Keip, Silvia Alves Gomes, Lily Moodey

Barcelona –  7 – Enric Ordeix Rigo, Marc Polo, Aleksandra Krtolica, Eduard Vidal, Marc Rosado, Xavier Duran, Marc Compte  

Lisbon – 4 – Ana Raposo, Ana Silva, Mafalda Eiro, Mariana Pereira 

Vienna – 3 – Christian Steinreiber, Christopher Kronenberg, Axel Zugschwert


We did not have a Student Hub tool. 

The evaluation showed that students did not have a clear idea about the assignment. 

Solution: we created a Student Hub tool for Pilot 2.