Pati de les Dones – Barcelona mapping research

Welcome to Barcelona, the most culturally nurtured city in Spain. Specifically, to the Raval, one of the most stigmatized neighborhoods in the city. It is also the cultural hub of art, creativity, and, of course, disruptive freedom. Starting at the URL: Blanquerna University, we head towards a courtyard located in the middle of four walls of buildings. We get to a passageway not recognized by any poster or indication. Going through its open door, we see that the name of the place is ‘Pati de les Dones’.

We observe neoclassical architecture, but it was built at different stages over time, as the original complex was built in 1759 and restored in 1929, so the space is a mix of different detailed aesthetics. The Pati de les Dones was part of a group of buildings that formed the ‘Casa de la Caritat’ (Charity House).

The Charity House operated between 1802 and 1956. It welcomed homeless people, orphaned children, people with disabilities, etc, with the aim of helping them. Its name was given because it was the building that was next to the women’s building, i.e., only women could use it.

We notice the angel hanging from the open door. Then, we get close to the left mirror, where many activities are performed, as well as being a place where dancers practice their performances. We focus on the empty Stage and the quietness of the plaza at an early hour in the morning. As we walk, we pay attention to the disruptive signs that are written on the walls of the Pati de les Dones. They are messages of rebellion and equality. Following, the CCCB museum, where it holds various expositions to all audiences.

Before exiting the place, we find ourselves inside space of cultural connection, which offers the possibility of being oneself, creating different types of artistic activities and exchanging ideas. We pay attention to a unique detail of the top surface of the building: it reflects the beautiful skyline of the city of Barcelona.

Laura Bonavia Bertran

Neo Galceran Alastruey

Ana Hidalgo Rodríguez De Rivera

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