Mapping places with great impact and potential to transform neighborhoods in Europe

by Gerard Decathalogne, Marta Esteban, Marta Homs, Paula Juyol, Julia Torras, Ferran Montserrat,Mariona Vidal, Mar Peirató, Merel Ottervanger, Nomi Veldt, Cipriana Tabacaru, Manwai Wong, Lynn Mai, Maria Amaro da Costa, Madalena Pita, Alexandre Roliz, Pedro Worm

El Lloc de la Dona. It is a meeting and social action space located in the heart of the Raval neighbourhood, which has been giving support to women pr actising prostitution or in the process of social reintegration for more than 30 years. This foundation promotes processes of personal autonomy and social and labour insertion, raising awareness among citizens, so it has a huge potential of transformation such as the Nelson Mandela Park and the Heesterveld Creative Community, in Amsterdam Zuidoost. The Heesterveld Creative Community was founded in 2012, as a collective of students and student housing, for cultural entrepreneurs, professionals and students, where artists, dancers, singers and writers live, create, work and organize all kinds of great events, exhibitions and workshops. 

Picture: BCN_34C at El Lloc de la Dona: (from left to right) Paula Juyol, Marta Esteban, Marta Homs, Júlia Torras and Gerard Decathalogne.

Nelson Mandela Park was landscaped in the 1970’s. The impact on the area is bringing people together and solving loneliness in green areas. Also the Kwaku Festival is held every year in the park, where cultures come together, and also the Black Live Matter protest took place here. Therefore everyone is welcome and this is really valued, shown with the LGTB flag for example, and it has great value and impact for the neighbourhood, like the Bar Marsella which is a historical pub located in the neighborhood of el Raval in the heart of Barcelona with a history of 200 years. It’s a gathering point for the bohemian and artistic communities Bar Marsella still remains the same, capturing the essence of those years back. Intellectuals such as Picasso and Ernest Hemingway are some of the most well-known artists that were frequently seen at the pub. Both urban tribes represent the values of being proud of oneself and not judging people by any means.

Picture: Ams_3: Heesterveld Creative Community. This area is the inner part of the living and co-creative spaces. You can see the common colorful outside areas and the bike parking spaces for convenience.

Lisbon presents the Ties Wine House or Adega das Gravatas in portuguese, located in Quinta do Pinheiro, based in the parish of Carnide, founded in 1908. At first sight is just a typical wine house, but it represents much more. It serves diverse dishes, and serves their own wine production. This Wine House has a special tradition, main reason for their name and reputation, the customers are asked at the beginning to leave the tie signed: “When you enter this house, leave your tie here. The wine you drink here makes life cheaper.“. Nowadays it has exposed on the walls more than 3,100 ties. Being a pleasant space, it provides group parties, gatherings and much more. 

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