Involving people in European pheriperies

by: Sergi Bimbela, Berta Batllori, Emma Chimeno, Anna Díez, Carla Ruiz, Lucas vander Linden, Lucas Rekelhof, Thijmen Visser, Hugo Bicker, Brechtje Fase, Carolina Inácio, Maria Ramos, Raquel Teixeira.


Established in an old garage, The World of Food is a multi-cultural food hall in Amsterdam SouthEast, The Netherlands. 32 restaurants with food from all over the world, brign people of nationalities together. It is interesting to see how a relatively new place can connect different cultures in the same direction: the love of having a meal in a more contemporary and enjoyable way. 

Picture: World of Food

What we call “artistic square” in Lisbon, is a cultural centre in the middle of Carnide. There are different cultural places such as Teatro Infantil and Casa do Artista (Artist’s House). They work in an integrated way to promote, dignify and motivate the art and culture for people from all generations in Carnide. More than a retirement village, Artist’s House is a space of inclusion and support for people of all generations that want to be artists with the slogan “Here it is not allowed to grow old”. 

The Ateneu del Raval in Barcelona is a community cultural center, independent, intersectional, transfeminist, animalist; free of racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia and xenophobia. The main objective is to strengthen the social fabric of the neighborhood and turn its multiculturalism into interculturalism. 

Picture: Ateneu del Raval

The similarities we find between Zuidoost and Carnide are cultural diversity in the sense that both places offer space to the coexistence of various ethnicities and cultures. Although they are out of the city, both are very accessible and attractive both for tourists and for locals. 

Carnide and Raval both have infrastructures that work in promoting culture and interpersonal solidarity and a variety of activities mostly for those who would not have the capacity to do so, unifying the community.


Even though all of them are peripheric, the polycentric view of all the three cities show that good transport connections and cultural diversity both makes it easy for people to go there to get involved in activities. 

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