Intercity journey through historical local commerce and different ways of spending time

by Ismael Sanchez, Laia Inés, Júlia Gómez, Carla  Idáñez , Ida Renden, Sven Jonker, Sandro Soler  Rueda,Thanh Nguyen, Chelsea Perri , Isabela  Neves, Sofia Pereira, Inês Saraiva, Ana Rita Mateis, Joana  Ramos.

Our intercity journey starts with Torrente Tecno Industrial, the anchor point from Barcelona. This is a lighting rod store created in 1860 that nowadays is still managed by the fifth generation of the same family. The connection between this anchor point and the next one Panificadora de Carnide, is that both represent historical and local commerce from the city center. The second anchor point is Padre Cruz neighborhood, full of culture and art, a perfect place to relax and spare time.  Following this, we make the connection with Gaasperplas, Amsterdam.


Now concentrating on the latter city we can see that the connection between the three anchor points regards what people do in their spare time and the scale of different areas in Amsterdam Zuidoost. The things that people do in their spare time differ a lot. Some people like to go to a festival, such as the Amsterdam Open Air in Gaasperplas, other people want to shop in the Amsterdamse Poort. Other people like to do stuff like dancing in the Ganzenhoef. Furthermore, the connection between it is also about the culture, since Amsterdam Zuidoost is a multicultural area, combined with the differences in their behaviors on hobbies, as mentioned before.’

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