Intercity bonds from past to present through the people and experiences

by Claudia Ribas, Paula Payés, Arianna Diaz, Kate Danchuk,Kiki Gielisse, Fatma Chaali, Christiaan Vuur, Sam de Lang, Alexis Pisano, Ana Cerveira, Catarina Batista, Madalena Alemão Ferreira, Sofia Nunes, Teresa Filipe.


Marsella’s Bar, which was founded in 1820 on Carrer de Sant Pau, in the Raval district of Barcelona represents the neighborhood for its long history and for famous artists such as Picasso, Degas and Van Gogh who went to have a few glasses of absinthe and experienced hallucinations, and thus managed to be inspired by his works. 

The Coreto is a characteristic Portuguese roof, located in gardens, where concerts, festivals, as well as cultural and political presentations are held. The Largo of Coreto is situated in the heart of Carnide and was inaugurated April 14th, 1929, on the occasion of Carnide’s festivities. 

Just like “Bar Marsella”, Largo of Coreto is a historical place for Carnide and Lisbon. Since it is one of the oldest places in Carnide, it has a certain timelessness to it: it’s a location where the past meets the present. Despite the development and modernization of the village, Largo of Coreto seems to keep the tradition alive and it is also a place where numerous cultural activities are developed. Throughout the years, there have been investments in the culture of the area and Teather of Luz, located in Largo of Coreto, is a great example of that. 

The Bijlmer Parktheater is a theatre in Amsterdam South-east that was built between 2005 and 2009. Parktheatre is known for its diversity and creative view on modern theatre. Park theatre is closely connected to the Largo of Coreto of Portugal, since both places are interrelated to the culture. It influences people and makes them view art of theatre in a different perspective. Whereas The Coreto is one of the oldest places in its region, the Bijlmerpark Theatre is only 12 years old. 

Although the locations are completely different, all of them have an anchor point: they are places where people go to socialize and get together.

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