Hospitality cultures: making people feel they belong

by Carles Alomar,  Nicole Díaz , Júlia López , Xavier Nogueira , Anna Español , Cristina Tugores , Julene García , Victor Muñoz , Xavier Roig , Daniela Costa , Beatriz Candeias , Margarida Bravo , Maria Inês Santana , Mariana Bentes, Alexandros Ellinas , Philippos Chrysostomou , Daniel Farkas, Julian Olieman  and Ivana Ivanovska.

Casa do artista is a Support Association for Artists, with no political or religious ties. Associated with it there is a senior residence, for former artists, the Raul Solnado’s Gallery and the Armando Cortez Theater. Theater is the ultimate exponent of culture, space for diversity, unity and debate. It is an iconic place in Carnide, as a stage for stories and dreams, not only for the artists who make it up, but also for all those who support culture and freedom. 

Armando Cortez Theater 

Source: Casa do Artista site

We can see a point in common between Casa do artista and the next iconic place, Granja M. Viader. Both places share the culture of hospitality offering the opportunity to feel part of a cultural movement and be a place of gathering for famous artists. Granja M. Viader is a cafe located in Raval, Barcelona, known for inventing a very popular drink named Cacaolat. It is a well conserved and traditional establishment since 1870 still working nowadays. 

Another example of hospitality is the Antic Hospital de la Santa Creu, also in Raval, Barcelona, that used to be a hospital, not as we understand it now, but as a place for people with nowhere to sleep inside the city. Nowadays, it’s a public cultural center with different services like libraries, a theater, a gallery, and it’s also the headquarters for the Institute of Catalan studies. The most interesting feature it’s the indoor park where people gather, not only because it’s a rare green space in the area, also because you can find entertaing activities. 


Finally, Amsterdam Zuidoost is covered through the lense of entertainment within the anchor point of the Nelson Mandela park and the Johan Cruijff Arena where its role in the community (music, sports, and further events) is highlighted. The significance of the two anchor points in reference to Amsterdam and other cities is being a hub for different groups coming together to enjoy culture and leisure activities.

Amsterdam 2020, Black Lives Matter protest in the Nelson Mandela Park

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