History and culture places in Carnide and Raval

by Mei Lucena, Andrea Navarro, María Gonzalez, Andrew Moslares, Ton Marques, Diogo Gouveia, Milene Casimiro, Beatriz Louro, Pedro Garcia, Natalia Borrás, Martina Griera, Laia Pardo, Àlex Bellot.


In a time when culture has lost some attention, we thought it was important to highlight one of the main cultural hotspots of this town: Culture Boutique in Lisbon. This place is a meeting point for generations to come together and learn and absorb arts like acting and music. We fell in love with the history and mission of this place and with how it allows the people of Carnide to come together around the artistic and cultural world. This is a place that pledges to involve the community in cultural activities! 

We consider the Biblioteca de Catalunya to be an anchor point, apart from being a historic building with a large amount of literature within its walls, it has the power to bring culture closer to everyone and also the potential to be a benchmark facility in the Raval district. 

Biblioteca de Catalunya was founded in 1907 and opened to the public in 1940. It is currently located in the old Hospital de la Santa Creu in Barcelona. The Library has three million sources, some of them are from the catalan authors Prat de la Riba and Jacint Verdaguer. The Library has also undergone a digital transformation and in the 2000s the digitization of sources began, in order to be able to consult the information through technological means and preserve it for future generations in digital format. That means that this place has the power to transform and develop throughout the years. 

Carrer Tallers exists since the XI century, in Barcelona city. It’s situated in the center of the city, very near to Plaza Catalunya. Though it used to be the garden of the city, it has developed to be one of the main important streets in the history of Barcelona. It’s a street with a very particular aesthetic, commerce and places of leisure. 

All these characteristics attract the average tourist, but also a specific target who’s interested in non mainstream topics. You find a wide variety and amount of commerce from food places, to vintage fashion store, tattoo studios and music stores; which is one of the most important sectors in the street, for vintage vinilis.

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