EL RAVAL: The Peripheric Suburb at the Center of the City

El Raval is known for its dense population, but also for being one of the most controversial and yet interesting neighborhoods. Very few people want to give a second chance to this neighborhood due to its bad image, nevertheless there are a lot of different and unique iconic places to discover in it. Its potential of transformation, its people and the polyphonic style of life are some words that best define El Raval.

In this article we want to highlight the best and the worst of El Raval. Even though it is a fascinating area with lots of vintage clothing, live-music bars, all types of restaurants, non-profit organizations, theaters, educational institutions and associations, many people certainly do not find it as the safest or cleanest place of the city. This bad image is quite caused by the media because they tend to show the worst part of the neighborhood. The neighbourhood has one of the largest number of social entities in Europe and this is an aspect most of the Raval inhabitants share and is hardly explained at the mainstream media.

El Raval has a unique personality that shines on its own. The multiculturalism formed by different east- asian, south-asian, european and countless other communities, is a fact to highlight. There are a lot of cultural exchanges, which has helped to improve the area’s atmosphere. Definitely, its cultural diversity acts as a link between the different nationalities of the residents and cohesion the neighbourhood, converting it into a really strong community that reminds us of old Barcelona, with high dynamism, diversity and a touch of picaresque and  a burlesque style.

Do you want to know more? Visit El Raval and you will for sure fall in love with it.

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