This documentary video that summarizes the Image Erasmus+ project in a dynamic format has been a great challenge, because of the diversity of different approaches, data, participants, and footage… It was not easy to access the data from five different institutions, neighborhoods, countries, and cultures… Not only that, but this was also a project that lasted for two years, with three different pilots, multiple lecturers, and so many students involved, some of which are already graduated. But the final result was worth it.

We are glad to present the IMAGE DOCUMENTARY:



It was very interesting to notice while creating this video that all the challenges we had during the project, came up again:

  • Where do we store all the data? Is it easily accessible?
  • How do we identify each piece of data? What are the correct concepts, names, and identities?
  • How do we decide on what is relevant? How do we decide on the order of the contents?
  • How do we mix everything and make it easy to understand?
  • How to make sure it represents well our project, partners, and objectives?

It was challenging but we had a great student from Pilot 1 helping us: ANDREA MERLO FLORES

Thank you Andrea for helping us create this unique document that represents Image: Researching the city, mapping imaginaries so well.