Creativity neighborhoods

by PaolaAmat, AndreaMerlo, NataliaSerra, AngelaTafalla, Andreia Mendes, Artur Albuquerque, Diana Dias, Gonçalo Cabaço, Eva Verstegen, Daniella Klap, Rahime Ilayda Bilici, Luca Rosa and Lotte Blinderman.

Amsterdam, Lisbon and Barcelona have so many points in common, such as the creativity, the artistic diversity and the concept of community.

Heesterveld is a district in Amsterdam Zuidoost, the district is divided into living and working space for residents. Within this creative community there are people from all kinds of disciplines, from movie directors to song writers. It is a lively area, filled with colors, art and music, located in open space and it is easily accessible. Moreover, it creates a sense of a small city within a city. One of the most distinctive features is it’s design which is represented in urban street art. Street art is a popular way of self-expression all over the world, and Padre Cruz Neighborhood in Lisbon is not an exception.

The Heesterveld Art Community is similar to Carnide,one of the largest parishes in Lisbon with 22,415 inhabitants and the neighborhood with the largest number of inhabitants is Bº. Padre Cruz. The parish council of Carnide created an urban art movement to give color and harmony to a social neighborhood named – Bairro Padre Cruz. In this neighborhood there are several buildings where the urban art can be admired. There were two main events that gave birth to the Street art movement, the ART festival, “MURO” and the program promoted by Boutique da Cultura and Cultura and Crescer named: “Creating Change through Urban art”.

Barcelona has a similar urban art mural named Keith Haring Wall in Raval, a neighborhood known for its diversity of cultures, urban art, dancers, graffiters, skaters, etc. It is one of the most important artworks in this neighborhood and it was made by Keith Haring, a well-known artist. His purpose is to send a message normalizing the AIDS illness. It inspired us to create a solidarity event with different cultures, music concerts, art exhibitions and experiences to enhance the importance of the community and art.

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