City Partners


BIJLMEREXPERIENCE – bijlmerexperience – The Bijlmer, now officially called Amsterdam Zuidoost (Southeast), has been for a long time the most stigmatized neighbourhood in the Netherlands.  The work of Bijlmer communities, creating bottom-up ‘guided experiences’, inspired us to adopt  mapping as a tool to contribute to putting Southeast on the map. The work of local guides, and their ‘translating’ power, have contributed to a revalorisation of Bijlmer heritage and to a more widespread awareness of its value.

ZUIDOOST PARTNERS & BUREAU CITY MARKETING ZUIDOOST is a not-for-profit organization in the public-private sector, aiming to make Amsterdam Southeast a stronger and more balanced district. Our cooperation with director Arno Gorissen has been longstanding and fruitful. Through them, we are linked to a wide array of stakeholders in Southeast, including the city council dependence, the Johan Cruyff Arena, the local theater Bijlmer Parktheater and OSCAM.

WORLD OF FOOD is a street-food court in Amsterdam Zuidoost. It is located in a transformed parking garage and has become a spot for culinary local entrepreneurship. Located a few minutes away from the student housing Spinoza campus and has as a mission to contribute to the making of Amsterdam ‘a city made by and for everyone (Sarriel Taus).

BRASA SOLUTIONS led by multimedia local entrepreneur Roy Ristie, who unfortunately passed away on 3 December 2021 was key to expressing ‘the creative power of diversity’ embodied and festivals, parades, and local radio and television. Presentator en prominente Amsterdamse Surinamer Roy Ristie (68) overleden (

PAKHUIS DE ZWIJGER  – www.dezwijger.nlIn 2006 Pakhuis de Zwijger, a former refrigerated warehouse on the Piet Heinkade in Amsterdam, opened its doors as a platform for social innovation & creation. It started creating programmes and projects focused on the city, our country and the world of tomorrow. Over the past 15 years, it has grown into a unique national and global platform that focuses on bringing people together and realising projects that contribute to the development of a more sustainable, fair and future-proof society.

NMZO X HVA #SPECIAL : Researching the City: Mapping Imaginaries – Pakhuis de Zwijger

NEW METROPOLIS – part of Pakhuis de Zwijger. Over the coming years, the Amsterdam neighbourhoods of Nieuw-West and Zuidoost will undergo the biggest transformations of all the different areas of the city, both physically and socially. In anticipation of these upcoming changes Pakhuis de Zwijger decided to open two new locations in these areas. The first one was in the Spring of 2018 in a former café on the Burgemeester Rendorpstraat in Nieuw-West (Slotermeer) and later in the Autumn of 2019 in the Amsterdamse Poort in Zuidoost, in what used to be a toy store.

CITY COUNCIL AMSTERDAM ZUIDOOST – In 2021 the city of Amsterdam announced a masterplan to develop Amsterdam in the next 20 years. Three underdeveloped areas, New West, East and Southeast receive extra funding, also from the government in the Hague. The recently (2022) announced Masterplan Zuidoost, a large urban modernization operation for the district and inhabitants of Amsterdam South East, is committed to improving the quality of life in Amsterdam and economic development of the neighbourhood. 

CENTRE FOR URBAN GOVERNANCE AND SOCIAL INNOVATION  – – Urban Governance and Social Innovation is an interdisciplinary research programme of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The programme is a collaborative venture between the the Municipality of Amsterdam and the AUAS Faculties of Business and Economics, Applied Social Sciences and Law, and Technology. This broad participation ensure that the programme tackles urban problems from an economic, social, technical and physical perspective.


FEDERACIO CATALANA DE VOLUNTARIAT SOCIAL – – is the model platform for social volunteering all around Catalonia. They are a network formed by non-profit organizations working for nearly 30 years on the encouragement, promotion, and acknowledgment of social volunteering in Catalonia. Via political influence, they aim to have volunteers and non-profits acknowledged for their valuable contribution to the democratic improvement of the country. In this sense, they are the experts on cohesion and the spearhead of social transformation. They impact 80.000 volunteers.

CIVIC CITY – – a Barcelona-based association that works as an independent association and an evolving network of renowned professionals: designers, architects, sociologists, political scientists, geographers, urban planners, etc. The network is a platform to exchange knowledge and expertise and explore common potentials.

IMPULSE BUSINESS CONSULTING, S.L. – – is a business consultancy firm with a diverse and creative team. They develop global business and communication projects, which add economic and social value to their client’s organizations. As a result, they build long-term relationships with their clients, which allows them to provide sound counsel throughout their evolution as an organization.


JUNTA DE FREGUESIA DE CARNIDE (Parish of Carnide)– – Carnide is a municipality on the North of Lisbon. It combines the new and the old, the rural and the urban. The Board of Carnide aims at making visible the existing activities in the area and is open to the participation of all of Carnide’s residents. Carnide, like other ‘peripheral’ places, has experienced the influence of the urban development of Lisbon and it is nowadays ‘a municipality featuring a kind of islands or disconnected areas in terms of functions and urbanistic design.



BEATRIU MALARET, a specialist in the field of design education from Barcelona and an expert in Paris, was involved as a partner in the original International Virtual Consultancy Firm project linking both cities. Provides connections with different celebrated initiatives for a more inclusive design of our cities (including the covering of the ring road ‘Périph’).


UIV-URBAN INNOVATION VIENNA GmbH – – Smart City Agency, Energy Center, Future Cities. They are a linking pin between HEI’s and projects within the city of Vienna.

WSE WIENER STANDORTENTWICKLUNG GmbH, Messeplatz 1, 1021 Vienna, – – 

Project developer WSE has been active in the renewal of St Marx for many years. They were involved in the development of the T-Center. The also renovated the former Rinderhalle, now called Marx Halle. The Marx Halle is now an important centre for Art, Culture, Entertainment and Gastronomy.