Barcelona Raval

by Blanquerna Seminar 32



47,274 people live in the Raval and it is the only district in all of Barcelona where more than 50% of the population is foreign. Main communities are from Pakistan with 5.183, Phillipines with 4.277 and Bangladesh with 2.434 membres

Each community has its own customs and have different roles in the Raval. Pakistanis and Bengalies own food supermarkets and mobile phone stores. Phillipines mainly work as home assistants.

Iconic place: La Rambla del Raval

La Rambla del Raval is an example of the reality of the neighbourhood. It is full of different businesses, and cultures. You can see the interculturality and it is an example of the changes in the district.



Cultural spaces

The Raval brings together more than 300 cultural spaces that have managed to urbanistically and socially transform the neighbourhood making culture more visible.

Improve the image of the neighbourhood:

Many cultural facilities were located within the boundaries of the neighbourhood to enhance a new image for the Raval, much more appealing to Barcelona’s residents and tourists.

Iconic place: Biblioteca de Catalunya (Library)

More than an artistic building with books, it has the power to bring culture and literature to everyone.



The Raval district has a wide variety of bars and restaurants, thanks to the multiculturalism and diversity of the area.

Abundant and diverse gastronomy.

Iconic place: Bar Marsella

For its history, its absinthe glasses and the bohemian atmosphere that characterizes it. You can transport yourself to the Barcelona of the past but in a modern environment


Commerce means cohesion

They help reduce neighbourhood tensions by promoting business diversity.

Variety of cultures

Demonstrated by the many different types of food served in the neighbourhood.


Drug trafficking, prostitution, Illegal consumption of alcoholic beverages on the street are the most recurring problematics.

Iconic place: Mercat de la Boqueria (Market)

La Boqueria is the main market in Barcelona, and it is internationally recognized for its excellence.

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